Mission Trips

Schools in Malawi and Zambia are gradually reopening and the next mission trip will be scheduled for the May-June 2021 timeframe.

Recent Trip Summary:
Our trip to Africa was great. If you prayed for us, your prayers were answered. Bradley McDonald, Lynn Shirley and I, along with our African team, saw over 5,000 students trust Christ and several thousand more discipled. The three of us met up with five African preachers. We were able to form two preaching teams going to many schools in the area. We preached in a rural region of Malawi called Mzimba, and the roads were bumpy and dusty. But we were happy and the Lord blessed our efforts. Abraham Somba’s wife, Agnes, Dickson’s granddaughter, Eunice and Abraham’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Somba prepared our meals for the duration of time we were in Mzimba. These women are wonderful servants and we were indebted to them for their labor of love!

We praise God that the donations have come in through the year to pay for the team that began work in the region of Mzimba after we left last summer. Thomson and Ackon have been working to disciple students that were won to Christ during our 2018 trip to Mzimba, and to reach many more students who have never heard of Jesus. It was a pleasure to work alongside them on this recent trip.

P.S. Our 12 preachers in Africa are reaching 10,000 students per week with sound Bible teaching. We are not only helping students to find eternal life by believing in Christ, but we are going back to schools again and again, to teach them about the Christian faith. We are teaching them about the importance of Bible study, confession of sins, and church attendance. We reach 10 students for every dollar that is donated to MSASM.